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Is Marijuana legal in Jamaica?

Medical marijuana is legal in Jamaica.  Recreational use is still illegal and you can not smoke in public but you can smoke in our designated Marley Natural Herb House.   Possession of small amounts (2 ounces/56.6 grams) for personal use has been decriminalized.  

Patients must have a medical marijuana to purchase marijuana in Jamaica.

Jamaica is the first country to legalize cannabis for religious use. Rastafarians are now allowed to use cannabis freely for sacramental purposes. 

What documentation do I need to purchase Medical Marijuana at the Marley Natural Dispensary?

You will need to complete a one-time in take form from there a professional can review and recommend cannabis use to treat a variety of conditions.

You can also show a medical marijuana card from another country.

How old do I have to be to enter the Marley Natural Dispensary?

18 years old is the legal minimum age to enter the Marley Natural Herb House.

Is there a limit on how much marijuana I can purchase?

Those who reside outside of Jamaica and purchase and possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana.  

If I have a medical marijuana card from a different country, can I use that in Jamaica?

Yes, a medical card is required either from the visitors country of residence or one get a new card in Jamaica

If I purchase medical marijuana in Jamaica, can I bring it back to my country of residence?

While laws are changing, marijuana is still illegal in most countries.  It is not advisable under any circumstances to transport marijuana internationally. Please check local laws where you are traveling to.